04/27/2012 04:58 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2012

Pie Charts 'Outliers'

Ezra Klein creates an election forecast model (with help from Seth Hill, John Sides and Lynn Vavreck).

Jay Cost finds Klein's model "particularly unpersuasive."

John Sides responds to Cost and to a "cranky reader."

Chris Wlezien offers six ways to forecast the presidential election.

Karl Rove maps the presidential race.

Micah Cohen reviews the predictive value of Spring polls.

Nate Silver argues that the home state of a running mate is largely irrelevant.

Harry Enten considers polling on the U.S. House.

Lydia Saad examines whites and non-whites in Gallup's registered voter samples.

Trevor Thompson named director of a new AP-NORC research center.

Hilary Greenbaum and Dana Rubenstein trace the history of the pie chart.