04/29/2012 01:52 pm ET

How 'The Hunger Games' Should Have Ended (VIDEO)

WARNING: The above video contains violence and 'Hunger Games' plot spoilers.

After the amazing 'Hunger Games' Beanie Babies video hit YouTube last month, we were pretty sure no fan-made 'HG'-themed viral video could top it. We were wrong. "How The Hunger Games Should Have Ended," created by HISHEdotcom and directed by Daniel Baxter, is a hilarious re-imagining of how the record-breaking first movie based off of Suzanne Collin's best-selling trilogy could -- or should -- have ended. (Without giving too much away, we'll say that those of you on #TeamGale will probably be particularly amused with the events that transpire.)

This 'Hunger Games' video is the latest installment in an ongoing series from HowItShouldHaveEnded.com. 'Star Wars' fans may remember another recent viral video from them, "How Return Of The Jedi Should Have Ended."

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