04/30/2012 10:45 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2012

Baskin-Robbins 'Men In Black III' Ice Cream To Land May 1

A decade has passed since the release of the last movie in Will Smith's blockbuster "Men in Black" series. But Baskin-Robbins is banking on the idea that those years haven't had the amnesiac effect of the silver wands wielded by the titular alien fighters. Because on May 1, the Dunkin Brands-owned ice cream is debuting a several frozen treats inspired by "Men in Black III," which is hitting theaters on May 25.

Baskin-Robbins is using the movie's release to pull one flavor, "Lunar Cheesecake," out of its vaults. "Lunar Cheesecake" made its first appearance in 1969 to commemorate the original moon landing, so it's outer-space themed, if not alien-themed.

But the chain also worked with "Men In Black III" producers to generate entirely new menu items. Two sundaes, the "Lunar Lander" and the "Agent 31," top "Lunar Cheesecake" ice cream with what Stan Frankenthaler, Vice President of Innovation at Dunkin' Brands, called "creative flavor combinations and toppings" that mirror the movie's "theme of unexpected twists." In practice, that means marshmallow and yellow cake on the "Lunar Lander" and brownies and hot fudge on "Agent 31." Let's hope the movie's plot twists are somewhat more surprising.

The most exciting of the offerings is probably a "Pink Surprise Cake," which allegedly clones a dessert featured in a "pivotal scene" in the movie.

This is the second movie Baskin-Robbins has promoted in as many summers. Last year, the chain sold "Captain America"-themed desserts. Frankenthaler refused to say whether or not Sony Pictures, the distributor of both movies, had directly compensated the chain for its participation in these deals.

"Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the terms of the agreement, only to the menu items inspired by the movie," he said in an email. "We are constantly looking for ways to tie to popular culture references that our guests enjoy and can relate to. It has been really fun for us to be able to feature these special Men in Black 3-inspired ice cream flavors and creations, and our guests really share in that excitement."