04/30/2012 05:21 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2012

Lands End San Francisco: New Visitor Center Lookout Unveiled At SF's Best Viewpoint

The Lands End Lookout, the newest tourist attraction within Golden Gate National Park, opened last week with a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay .

Located along the rocky and windswept shoreline at the mouth of the Golden Gate, the lookout stuns visitors with 30-mile views of the California coastline.


The new "green" visitor center features a museum store, café and educational and exhibits highlighting the natural landscape and cultural history of the site.

“The new lookout showcases Lands End as an amazing piece of San Francisco history,” said Frank Dean, general superintendent of Golden Gate National Parks in a statement. “With these improvements, visitors will be able to truly appreciate its fascinating natural and cultural legacy.”

Work began on the visitor center in 2011 after donations from Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation and the Lisa Douglas Goldman Fund. The lookout is part of the ongoing attempt to revitalize San Francisco park lands and restore the native habitat. The natural and cultural stewardship of the area was predominately volunteer driven.

The visitor center is located on the ruins of the historic nineteenth century Sutro Baths. Destroyed in a fire in 1966, the ruins of the lavish 25,000-person swimming facility can still be seen from the lookout.

Lands End also includes numerous hiking trails along the cliffs as well as a memorial to the USS San Francisco.

Visit the lookout yourself, open from 9am-5pm daily, and click through our slideshow below for a sneak peek of the view: