04/30/2012 10:53 am ET

Anti-Obama Flyer In Michigan Depicts President Next To Swastika, Warns 'Holocaust Is Coming'

A number of flyers reportedly posted on parking meters in downtown Grand Rapids, Mich., have created a stir for their imagery, which attempts to connect President Barack Obama to the Nazi Holocaust.

"Hitler's Nazi Germany has been revived in the U.S. and the target is Americans," the pamphlets read, according to a report from MLive.com.

The flyer pairs an image of a swastika alongside a movie cover for the film, "The Obama Deception," a "documentary" by renowned right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The majority of the wording in the leaflets targets Obama's health care law and the National Defense Authorization Act, two laws reviled in many libertarian circles.

"Obama's health care bill is not a health care bill, instead it's a total government takeover of every area of life (read the fine print) like gun confiscation, euthanasia and so on (euthanizing the poor, the elderly, the ill, those who've maxed out their health insurance and so on) there are no jobs and everyone will eventually be poor," the flyers read, according to MLive.com.

They also raise the specter of military checkpoints throughout the country that will eventually be used when it is "legal to assassinate Americans."

MLive.com did some digging into the origin of the handouts, which has not yet proved conclusive. From their report:

Readers of the card are referred to a website to sign a petition that espouses tea party ideas and urges people to support Ron Paul. The views there come from a woman who claims to live in Grand Rapids, but listings for a person by the same name were disconnected or answered by people who denied knowledge of the flyer and the petition.

Using direct comparisons of Obama to Nazis or other notorious political villains has been somewhat common since the president's election. Apart from the famous Tea Party-type protest signs that depicted Obama as Adolf Hitler during the heat of the debate over health care reform, a Cathoic bishop in Illinois more recently drew criticism when he claimed the president was "intent on following a similar path" as Hitler and Stalin due to his "radical, pro-abortion and extreme secularist agenda."