04/30/2012 02:54 pm ET

AFL-CIO Rolls Out New Romney Video, 'Meet Mr. 1 Percent'

Revealing some of its messaging strategies for the election, the AFL-CIO released a video Monday painting GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as "Mr. 1 Percent," contrasting the former Massachusetts governor with President Barack Obama, "the champion of the 99 percent," according to the ad.

Portraying Romney as the embodiment of Wall Street values, the video opens with a mashup of Romney's economy-related gaffes on the campaign trail, including his infamous statements that he likes being able to fire people and isn't concerned about "the very poor." The video also highlights some of Romney's anti-labor statements during the past few months, such as his accusation that Obama is "kowtowing" to "union bosses" and his pledge of support for Ohio's Issue 2 anti-union law.

In a statement, AFL-CIO spokeswoman Alison Omens said the video is meant to "educate folks about what Romney truly believes."

"Mitt Romney's attack on workers coming together in unions is a predictable refrain in a career of getting rich looting companies and destroying good jobs," Omens said. "If Romney spent time listening to working people instead of focus-group testing his beliefs, he'd realize that working Americans want a true opportunity to get ahead and don't celebrate the freedom to 'fire people' or outsource good jobs."

Somewhat incongruously for a pro-Obama ad, the video also alludes to the AFL-CIO's ongoing efforts to build an "independent movement" less tied to the Democratic establishment and better equipped to hold lawmakers of both parties accountable to the labor community.

"If we want our country to value what we value ... then our job is to build a movement, an independent movement ... not beholden to any party or any candidate," Richard Trumka, the labor federation's president, says in the ad.

HuffPost reported last week that the AFL-CIO's super PAC, Workers' Voice, was handing control of its $4.1 million war chest over to union and non-union members, rolling out a new incentive system to promote political activism.

Watch the "Mr. 1 Percent" video here: