05/01/2012 03:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christina Aguilera Wears Tiara, Fishnets, Peplum AND Goes Pantless On 'The Voice' (PHOTOS)

Never one to be a fashion wallflower, Christina Aguilera once again celebrated Take-Your-Wild-Outfit-To-Work day on NBC's "The Voice" on Monday.

Although Christina recently made a move toward a more elegant look (case in point: that cute orange bandage dress), and we thought that perhaps she had adopted a makeunder for good But this week, she went back to Red Lipstick territory, choosing a look that reminded us of the epic "blingy CD-ROM" hat.

Aguilera donned a black jacket and black bodysuit with a peplum ruffle, fishnet tights in lieu of pants, which were evident when she lept up onstage to give contestant Chris Mann a hug.

The piece de resistance? A sparkly tiara. Guess Queen Elizabeth isn't the only royal making her rounds today?

Check out pics of Christina's outfit below, as well as some more photos of her recent style (for evidence!).