05/01/2012 11:52 am ET

Dick Lugar Releases New Ad Attacking Richard Mourdock

Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) released a new ad Tuesday slamming his primary opponent, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, over his judgment and decisions.

The ad, entitled "Truth," accuses Mourdock of gambling "Hoosier pensions on junk bonds" and says he "risked thousands of Hoosier jobs suing to shut Chrysler down." It closes with a warning: "Don't be fooled."

Mourdock filed suit against the Chrysler bankruptcy on behalf of two pension funds that invested in Chrysler bonds. The petition went all the way to the Supreme Court, which denied the motion.

Lugar, a 36-year incumbent, is in danger of losing his senate seat to the Tea Party-backed Mourdock. Mourdock has also been endorsed by other conservative groups such as the Club For Growth, The National Rifle Association and FreedomWorks. A recent poll conducted by Citizens United, which endorsed Mourdock, showed him up by five points.