05/01/2012 02:14 pm ET

Joy Behar To Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'How Dare You Wear That Skirt!' (VIDEO)

Joy Behar called Elisabeth Hasselbeck out for her skirt on Tuesday's "The View."

Elisabeth made a bold sartorial choice in the form of a red skirt with gold sequins. Barbara Walters called attention to it earlier in the show, directing Elisabeth to stand up and wondering what "disco" she had visited recently.

Joy sassed Elisabeth about the skirt during a heated discussion about President Obama's handling of Osama bin Laden's death. Tuesday was the one-year anniversary of the mission that killed bin Laden.

Elisabeth praised Obama for his handling of the operation. However, she argued that neither Democrats nor Republicans should be politicizing bin Laden's death.

Joy speculated that Republicans would have had "a ticker tape parade from New York to Los Angeles" if Bush had been the one who took bin Laden down.

Elisabeth began protesting, "Joy Behar, how dare you!"

"How dare you wear that skirt!" Joy jokingly interjected.

"How dare I wear this skirt and talk politics — only here," Elisabeth returned.