05/01/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Mom's Cooking: Share Your Best And Worst Memories

Here at Kitchen Daily, we love our moms -- they doted on us, tied our shoes, wiped the jam off our faces, and eventually sent us out into the world armed with clean laundry and money for groceries. But when it comes to cooking dinner, not all mothers were created equal.

We want to know how your mom shaped your food memories, so we're creating a Mother's Day tribute. We've got three stories that we'd love you to contribute to by simply sharing your stories and memories with us. We'll collect our favorite submissions to include in future features. Here are the three topics -- feel free to contribute to one, two or all three!

1. Mom's Best Dishes
Some moms have a Donna Reed-like propensity for putting a homemade three-course dinner on the table every night, knocking your socks off with gorgeous roasts, rich sides, and dreamy desserts. Your memories of that food are happy ones, and you've got a tall stack of mom's recipe cards in your collection.

If this sounds familiar, send us a description (and photo, if you have one) of your mom's best recipe, and tell us why it was so amazing. Email us at or tweet us @KitchenDaily using the hashtag #momsbestdish.

2. Mom's Worst Dishes
Other moms were a little less successful. Maybe they made salmon loaf -- it's meatloaf, made out of canned salmon, and doused in bottled lemon juice. Or maybe they tried to put fluorescent yellow tofu in cream of broccoli soup that was made with skim milk. [Editor's note: My mom is never going to forgive me for this.]

If this is more up your alley, send us a description (and photo, if possible) of your mom's most infamous recipe, telling us what made it so horrendous. Email us at or tweet us @KitchenDaily using the hashtag #momsworstdish.

3. Lessons You Learned From Mom In The Kitchen
Regardless of what type of cook your mom was, you probably learned a few lessons if you spent any time with her in the kitchen -- life lessons, techniques, or maybe just a secret tip to make the best pie crust. They're all indispensable, whether they make you laugh or cry -- and we want you to share them with us.

Email your best stories about the lessons you learned from your mom in the kitchen to The more the merrier, so start sending now!