05/01/2012 04:41 pm ET Updated Jul 01, 2012

South Carolina Elections: 100 Candidates Could Be Disqualified

The candidates include Republican Katrina Shealy, hoping to unseat incumbent Sen. Jake Knotts, Occupy Columbia stalwart and Democrat Walid Hakim, hoping to unseat House member Mac Toole, and George "Clay" Burkett, who is challenging for the Republican nomination for Lexington County Coroner.

However, the fact that scores of candidates statewide might also have failed to properly file their "Statement of Economic Interest" forms per the law, could unleash "chaos" across the entire state, noted Justice Costa Pleicones.

"You've brought in a class-action is what you've done," Pleicones told attorney Tracey Green, who is representing the two Lexington plaintiffs, Michael Anderson and Robert G. Barber.

Green argued that his clients are only interested in the Lexington races and that they weren't seeking to upend the races of candidates in other counties. But Justice Donald Beatty said if the law were to be applied to the Lexington candidates, it might likely "have to be applied across the board."

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