05/03/2012 05:23 pm ET

Miami Animal Adoptions: Dogs, Cats, Slithery Snakes, Singing Birds And A Rolly Polly Pig

Each month, we present a gallery of adorable, loving animals waiting for someone to adopt them into a forever family. And one of the perks of living in Florida is the plethora of odd animals that call this state home. So while you'll find plenty of cats and dogs in shelters, remember there are also species of love bugs you may not have even thought of!

There's Jackie Chan the sugar glider, a small little lady with cute eyes the size of saucers. She's perfect for people living in smaller homes, as is Beeper the lovebird. Or, if you have the land, there's Darrin the friendly farm pig, Linus the growing gelding, and two curious cows. For reptile lovers, Slinky the Tagu lizard or Tommy Tom the ball python might be a great match.

For animal lovers wanting a cat or dog to add to their family, there are plenty of those in the slideshow, too (is Michelangelo the mixed Terrier not adorable?).

Imagine these animals being a part of your life:



HuffPost Miami's May Animal Adoption Gallery