05/02/2012 02:39 pm ET Updated May 02, 2012

Enrique Iglesias Mobbed By Fans In Hollywood, But Does He Get Top Billing Over J.Lo On Tour?

On Monday, a crowd of Enrique Iglesias' biggest fans swarmed the singer in Hollywood as he exited a car, according to

Clearly, people love the 36-year-old Spanish singer. So does that mean that Enrique will get top billing when he goes on tour with fellow Latina singer Jennifer Lopez this summer?

According to Lopez’s manager Benny Medina, it doesn't matter to either star who gets top billing on the tour. "Neither Jennifer nor Enrique care who opens or closes,” Medina tells TMZ. “What we want to do is give the fans the best show possible and whatever that means, that's what we will do," he said.

TMZ reports that the tour will be a “co-headliner show” with equal money, production value and time spent on both Jennifer and Enrique.

As for who opens the show, Medina says that hasn’t been decided yet, but adds that it wont be an issue. He says that if there are tons of girls screaming for Enrique, it would make sense for Jennifer to open the show.

An AEG rep involved in the concert tells TMZ that the plan is to have the two singers take turns, with Jennifer going first one night and Enrique going first the next.

The rep ads that Enrique had “no ego” about going last.

Who do you think is bigger? J.Lo or Enrique? Dish in the comments!