05/02/2012 06:04 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Paul Miller, Tech Blogger, Attempting To Give Up The Internet For One Year (VIDEO)

Foregoing the Internet is the ultimate challenge for today's social media addicts. But now, one blogger is attempting to do just that.

Verge tech writer Paul Miller's bid to give up the Internet started Tuesday, May 1. But according to his video, he's not sure how long he's going to last.

Instead of posting his articles online, Miller will hand them to a coworker to file on his behalf. As for researching stories, he'll rely on a phone, but sans texting.

So far, his Twitter and Facebook page seem to be free of any new posts.

According to comments posted by subscribers to the HuffPost Tech Facebook page, the challenge of giving up the Internet for a year, a week, or a month wouldn't be taken lightly.

"24 hours and I start blacking out and getting really depressed," wrote one user.

"Can't do more than a day, not even while on vacation. And since Twitter it's more difficult," commented Facebook user Anneke de Laaf.

But at least one user thinks they would survive without the Internet, writing, "I could go without it almost always. It brings more stress into my life."

In honor of Paul Miller's Internet fast, take a look at some tweets from users on giving up the internet.