05/03/2012 09:45 am ET Updated May 03, 2012

Jon Stewart Criticizes Lawrence O'Donnell, Martin Bashir For Mormon Comments (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart attacked MSNBC's Martin Bashir and Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday's "Daily Show" for comments they made about Mitt Romney and Mormonism.

The criticism was part of a longer segment about people who had gone after Romney over his faith. Stewart cited evangelical Christians and politicians who either overtly or covertly made questionable remarks about Mormonism.

But he zeroed in on Bashir and O'Donnell for over half of the segment. He played a video of Bashir quoting a section of the Book of Mormon that said liars would join the "whoremonger and the sorcerer" in hell.

"Really? Whoremonger and the sorcerer? Is that from the Book of Mormon or is that MSNBC's new debate show?" he quipped.

He then turned to O'Donnell. "I guess at least Bashir's not saying Romney belongs to a fake religion and worships a false God," he continued. "That would be Lawrence O'Donnell's job."

Video of O'Donnell saying that Mormonism "was created by a guy in upstate New York in 1830 when he got caught having sex with the maid and explained to his wife that God told him to do it" followed. O'Donnell apologized for those comments, though Stewart did not mention this. He played more video of O'Donnell — this time, showing the host asking whether Romney believed that he would "die on the spot" if he had sex with a black woman.

"As a question it is ridiculous!" Stewart cried. He said it was unfair to hold Romney accountable for every word of his fsith.

"You can't cherry-pick the worst aspects of a religion and then hold every member of that religion solely responsible for it," he said. "It's not like Mitt Romney will pursue policies that are unfair to black people because he's a Mormon. He'll do that because he's a Republican."



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