05/03/2012 09:36 am ET

Middle-Aged Dating Advice From A Babe Magnet

Middle-aged men in search of a new life partner may need to drop the red Corvette and learn how to be better listeners. When it comes to post 50 dating, the one big thing they have going for them is that the gender odds are in their favor. But numbers aside, many men who re-enter the dating waters after an hiatus of a long marriage are a little rusty when it comes to wooing and wowing. So along comes a book to help them play the midlife dating game and become the babe magnet of their dreams.

Written by Chad Stone, "Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet: One Man's Brave Adventure into Dating Again in the 21st Century," is a humorous look at one man's dating journey after leaving a 25-year marriage, and is chock full of advice. Here are some of Stone's favorite tips for middle-aged men hoping to become babe magnets:

To be a babe magnet, you must believe you are a babe magnet.
Yeah, he's talking about projecting self-confidence here. We'd add, there's a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. Practice so that you don't cross it.

Being a lewd jerk doesn’t impress babes.
If a babe’s first impression of you is “jerk,” there will be no chance for a second impression, writes Stone. Amen.

Figure out what women want and do it.
Granted, this step trips up a bunch of guys. Stone's advice is very specific: "Make the phone calls. Send the emails. Initiate the contacts. It’s what babe magnets do, and it’s what women want." We'd add: Treat people respectfully; nobody likes a guy who hollers at the waiter or is a skimpy tipper. (And yes, we can read the check upside down.)

Embrace social opportunities where males are likely to be outnumbered by females.
Isn't that just about everywhere?

An ordinary opening line delivered with confidence and genuine charm is better than a really great one-liner delivered with creepiness.
Operative word there: genuine.

The man always pays for the first date.
Adds Stone, "And the second and third. Probably the fourth and the fifth, too. In fact, you can pretty much expect to pay for everything until you and your babe are in a committed relationship. A babe needs to feel adored and cherished, and paying for dates is one sure-fire way to communicate that to her." We suspect he's going to get flamed on both sides from this one, but let's not shoot the messenger, shall we?

If you can’t impress the babes with your classiness and sophistication, at least make them laugh.
I know a few babes who might argue that making them laugh trumps class or sophistication.

When you meet the real McCoy, don't blow it.
Unless you want the rest of your life to be measured in conquests, know when it's time to stop the hunt and enjoy the relationship.