05/04/2012 06:10 pm ET

Courtney Love's Food Diary: Addicted To Sugar And Dean & Deluca

In the barrage of press that singer, actress and now artist Courtney Love is doing in promotion of her art show "And She's Not Even Pretty," comes the best Grub Street "New York Diet" food diary we've ever read.

Each week, New York magazine's food blog asks a notable person to detail their eating habits for one week, and we are amazed at not only Love's diet, but what it revealed about her.

Always the contradiction, Love tells Grub Street: "I'm not a foodie, but I am a foodie." The 42-year-old subsists on a daily diet of Dean and Deluca takeout, toast soldiers and a late night/early morning sugar rush.

"Someone always gets chicken potpie and potato salad from D.D., you know, Dean & Deluca. If I can't afford D.D., I just don't eat," she explained, adding that she makes sure someone gets her a "full, fresh new" cake every day, just like her ex-neighbor Paris Hilton did.

Love's expensive tastes seem to explain her recent financial problem. The Hole frontwoman, has lost control of her late husband Kurt Cobain's publicity rights after she took out a $2.75 million loan from her daughter's trust fund in 2010. Until Love pays the loan back, she won't receive any profits made from her late husband's publicity rights.

Sugar is a main staple in Love's diet, especially because of the 4 a.m. to 5 a.m craving that she developed after living at the Mercer Hotel. "[The staff] literally called an admin meeting on how to make the perfect warm sugar cookie for me in the middle of the night," she said. "I stopped doing dope in the nineties, but I've had to eat sweets at 4 or 5 a.m. ever since."

Sugar yes, chocolate no. "F**k chocolate. Kurt hated chocolate, too -- that was one of the things we had in common," she revealed. "I'm all about the pineapple upside-down cake and google 'crème brûlée circuit.' I coined that sh*t."

Shockingly, Love also reveals she's "not a big drinker," and can "count on my fingers and toes how much I've been drunk." But she did recall that U2 frontman Bono once gave her a bottle of Pétrus in France, and explained that it "gets you so stoned in a really opiated way, like you'd just taken a Vicodin. A month later I found out it cost $12K! But before that, I was like, "Dude, they should get that to the junkies!"

Love also admits she often forgets to eat, and though her diet is full of rich fare, she once lost a "ton of weight from a fish-sticks-and-lemon-water diet."

Like a true rock star, Love doesn't recommend anyone try her eating habits at home, but says she compensates by "juicing kale and sh*t."

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