05/04/2012 08:36 am ET

Pacers Argument At Orlando Club Reportedly Resolved By Police (VIDEO)

In the hours after the Pacers' emphatic 97-74 win over the Magic in Game 3 of their first-round NBA playoff series on Wednesday evening, several club-goers in Orlando reportedly showed more interest in putting up a fight against the Indiana interlopers than the hometown team.

According to TMZ, several members of the Pacers were involved in an argument at an Orlando nightclub that was ultimately broken up by local police. In the somewhat blurry video above, obtained by TMZ and described by WRTV in Indianapolis as a cell phone video, Pacers center Kyrylo Fesenko and All-Star small forward Danny Granger are identified. Per TMZ, the incident was set off when a patron at the club began arguing with Fesenko.

"I see Hansbrough ain't out here. You see, Hansbrough is asleep right now," jokes the narrator of the video as he names players on the scene. "That's a good North Carolina boy. Hansbrough is asleep right now. [He's not] coming to Orlando, starting trouble. C'mon guys."

Several hours later on Thursday, Fesenko and a few teammates were out doing just the sort of wholesome activity that the person who captured the video at the club would seemingly expect from Hansbrough. They went to Disney World.

Not surprisingly, the team's official website is promoting the Disney trip and not run in at the club in the early hours of Thursday when the Pacers were not only celebrating a win but also the birthday of Paul George.