05/04/2012 03:39 am ET

'The Big Bang Theory': Howard Tries To Get Out Of Going To Space; Amy Ups Her Game (VIDEO)

After learning that his mission to the International Space Station had been scrubbed, Howard was beyond excited on the penultimate episode of "The Big Bang Theory" (8 p.m. ET on CBS) for this season. But excitement turned to a nervous fear when he got the call that the mission was not only back on, but had been moved up.

Moved up to interfere with his planned wedding with Bernadette. Hoping this would provide him an excuse to back out, he went to her father in anticipation that he would get yelled at for even considering canceling the wedding. He couldn't have read that situation more wrong. The fact that he was going into space was apparently the only redeeming quality Bernadette's father saw in him. So will the wedding go as planned?

According to, the gang tries to help the wedding happen before launch time, but expect more obstacles along the way, and apparently the closing scene of this season's cliffhanger should leave everyone in tears as it does executive producer Steve Molaro.

Will they or won't they? Find out on the season finale of "The Big Bang Theory," next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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