05/06/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eli Manning Fights For Little Brothers On 'SNL' (VIDEO)

One of the big questions leading up to Eli Manning's "SNL" appearance was whether he could match his older brother Peyton's well-received hosting gig in 2007. So of course, the younger Manning spoofed the perceived rivalry by appearing in a sketch reminiscent of one that Peyton appeared, but with a spin -- it centered around younger brothers beating the crap out of their older brothers.

Although the younger Manning has won two Super Bowls, he just can't seem to escape the shadow of Peyton. In 2007, the older NFL star was in a memorable parody of a United Way commercial, where he coached youth football with an increasingly short temper. This time around, Eli helped out the Little Brothers organization -- by helping them get revenge on their older siblings.

"Because we all know that big brothers can be real dickheads," Manning deadpanned, while helping kids get back at their brothers with wedgies, wet willies and other sibling rivalry tactics.

It's only barely mentioned, but of course, audiences wonder whether the fake PSA had more than a small element of truth behind it. "Maybe now you'll learn to treat your little brother with respect, Peyton!" Eli shouted at Andy Samburg, a big brother.

"My name's not Peyton!" Samburg yells back, before Eli locks him in the trunk of a car.

Check out Eli's original United Way sketch below.