05/06/2012 09:38 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

Cecil Lamon Pollock Jr. And Bradley Warren Jones Killed Gator With Golf Club, Cops Say

Two Florida men were arrested Thursday and charged with killing a 7-foot gator. Police believe they went after the animal with a golf club and then cut off its tail.

Port St. Lucie Police witnessed Cecil Lamon Pollock Jr., 22, and Bradley Warren Jones, 20, pull over and dump something out of their vehicle, reports TC Palm. The men later admitted they killed the gator after it chased them on a nearby golf course.

Although their alleged attack on the gator was brutal, a recent gator attack in the news may have escalated their fear if they had been chased on the golf green.

Last week, a 75-year-old man was attacked by a 9-foot-gator on a Lake Wales golf course while his friends engaged in a horrific tug-of-war to stop the gator from pulling him into the water.

"He lifted me up three feet and slammed me down," Albert Miller told The Ledger. "It was excruciating to say the least."

Miller had to get 40 stitches and doctors say the bite was just 2 centimeters away from his femoral artery, which would have caused him to bleed to death.

Although he's recovering physically, Miller told AOL Sporting News that he's having trouble getting over the shock. “I’m feeling gators going over my legs all the time when I’m sleeping."