05/06/2012 11:52 am ET Updated May 06, 2012

Greta Van Susteren On 'This Week': John Edwards Is 'So Disgusting' (VIDEO)

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren unleashed a torrent of invective on John Edwards while sitting on the "This Week" roundtable on Sunday.

The panelists were discussing the former vice-presidential candidate, who is currently on trial for campaign finance fraud. He is facing charges related to $1 million in secret payments used to hide his pregnant mistress during his White House run.

Guest Tavis Smiley said that he thought that Edwards might have "had a chance to make his case in this court," but that he changed his mind when his daughter Cate walked out of the courtroom in tears. The segment begins at the 10:44 mark in the video above.

Van Susteren called the charges against Edwards "weak," but did not mince any words in her assessment of the man.

"He is so disgusting — I mean, what he did to his wife when she was dying," she stressed, calling his actions "disgraceful." She speculated that he might not get a fair trial "because how can you possibly like that guy?"

"He created the hatefulness of himself by himself," Van Susteren added. "He has poisoned the jury by his own behavior, but he is entitled to a fair trial."

Later in the discussion, she also called Edwards "a fraud" for having "two wives" when he was talking about the existence of "two Americas."



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