05/07/2012 08:49 am ET Updated May 07, 2012

Anderson Cooper Races Michael Phelps In Epic Rematch (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper faced Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps Sunday night during a CBS "60 Minutes" profile on the swimmer.

Cooper, who challenged Phelps to a one lap race when he interviewed him back in 2008, was once again game to test his swimming skills against the Olympian. While Cooper had a distinct advantage last time (Phelps swam the whole lap under water without breathing), he still lost, comparing the race to competing against a dolphin.

This time, Cooper and Phelps faced off on dry land (sorry folks—Cooper does not don a swimsuit in this race), virtually competing against one another by playing Phelps' new video game. The two men stood in front of a large TV, using their arms to simulate strokes.

"I'm just surprised you would do this after I kicked your ass in the pool four years ago," Cooper joked.

Cooper took an early lead, but as Phelps put it, "had no stamina left." Once again, Cooper was no match for Phelps.



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