05/08/2012 11:33 am ET

Indian Dubstep Gerardam: Brothers Merge Mime, Contortion And Wacky Humor In Dance Routine (VIDEO)

Last week, HuffPost Culture wrote about TapTronic, a two-man dance team that skillfully meshes dubstep with Irish dance. And now, Indian brothers Johnnathan and Joshua Gerard have stepped up with their own take on the electronic genre's moves.

Naturally, they've named it "Gerardam," after themselves. No one can doubt that it's a style of dubstep dance that's all their own.

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Even a quick look at Gerardam shows an appreciation for the geometrical "tutting" (as in King Tut, and figure poses in Ancient Egyptian tomb art) frequently used in dubstep dance. But the brothers push the envelope by incorporating elements of mime, contortion and quite a bit of wacky humor into their routine.

There's levels to it. The duo's white-gloved, aviator-shaded costumes look like a quiet nod to Michael Jackson, while the grotesque expressions produced by Johnnathan's incredibly pliable face are anything but subtle.

And then there's the vending machine bit, and the (very funny) martial arts scene. And the hair tutting ...

While it can feel a little overdone at times -- as if the brothers Gerard would be better served by picking one gimmick and sticking with it -- after a while one sees it's clearly meant to be a little outrageous. In the end, that's what really sets them apart.

After all, nowhere is it written that dubstep dance has to be humorless or serious. Dancing can be fun, too.

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