05/09/2012 11:10 am ET

Hot Dog Stripper Catherine Scalia Is Out Of Jail, Vows Return (VIDEO)

The stripping Hot Dog mom is out of jail and defiant as ever (and she sounds exactly like you want someone who sells hot dogs out of a van in Long Island to).

"I will be in a bikini top selling my hot dogs!" She told reporters in this raw video from CBS New York. "They do it in Florida, they can do it in New York too!"

Scalia was arrested Friday after an undercover cop said she was selling sex from her makeshift hot dog truck out in Baldwin, Long Island.

While Scalia pleaded guilty to prostitution, she still denies the charge and claims she's only a stripper who sells hot dogs. "Prostitution is sex! Listen -- I'm sister Therasa over here, ok? Showing your cleavage is indecent exposure." She then goes on to detail what exactly prostitution implies, and that whole part is essentially bleeped out (at 1:55).

Scalia explains that was a topless dancer since she was 19. When she lost her job recently she started a hot dog truck and "started showin' my cleavage" to make a living. "There's no sexual act," she said, "If a guy can walk down the street with no shirt on, SO CAN I!"

But Scalia's off-menu accoutrements landed her in hot water. When an undercover detective inquired about the sexually suggestive business cards she hands out, Scalia instructed the officer to head back to her home, where later she performed a strip-tease. Nassau County Detective Lt. Kevin Smith said, "The agreed amount was about $100 and then to further engage in an additional sex act — it was another $50."

This isn't the first time Scalia has been charged with prostitution, actually. In 2004, Scalia was arrested for a similar incident using a hot dog truck as a front for her alleged prostitution services.

As she left jail, Scalia also wanted the press corps following her to know that every STD test she took in jail came back negative. "I have nothing! I have no herpes, I have no AIDS, I have nothing. I am clean! I'm a mother of four kids, and yes -- I show my cleavage. I think it's sexy! If Pamela Anderson can do it, so can I."

Do yourself a favor and watch the video above.