05/09/2012 11:54 am ET Updated May 09, 2012

Jon Hamm Is Not Don Draper: 9 Comedic Attempts To Remind You He's Not His 'Mad Men' Character (VIDEO)

Jon Hamm seems very intent on letting people know that he's not actually Don Draper. For Hamm, who emerged from relative Hollywood obscurity in 2007 to completely embody "Mad Men's" leading character, the danger of getting typecast as the slick and vacuous Draper is something he must constantly guard against.

The actor has done so by embarking on a hilarious cameo tour over the past few years, taking on small roles in TV, movies, and web videos that seem designed to showcase his comedic range and take him out of Don Draper's shadow.

Below, check out a video slideshow of some of Hamm's greatest comedic cameos, from "30 Rock" to "SNL," "Children's Hospital" to "Bridesmaids" and everything in between.

Jon Hamm's Hilarious Attempts To Prove He's Not Don Draper