05/09/2012 02:23 pm ET Updated May 09, 2012

Julia Orayen Strikes Back After Media Frenzy Over Her Appearance In Mexico's Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

She’s been called "the winner” of Mexico’s first presidential debate, after a media frenzy broke over her white, skin tight dress with a plunging neckline. But now Julia Orayen, the former playmate who officially served as an usher at the political event, is firing back.

“The fact that a woman is physically attractive, does not mean that she doesn't have other qualities,” the Playmate said on Mexico's TV's "CadenaTres," a variety show.

“It does not mean that you have to qualify her as something else,” she added.

Wearing a rather conservative dress--pink with no plunging neck line-- Orayen spoke with "CadenaTres" about the controversy and Twitter explosion surrounding her appearance.

"I didn’t think (the part of the dress that covers the breasts) was going to open so much,” Orayen said.

Before the debate began, show organizers told Orayen she would need to wear a long white dress, she said. Orayen brought five dresses to the set. Four were declared too short. The debate's producers approved the fifth, the dress with the commotion-causing tear-drop cutout.

The show's hosts jokingly asked Orayen what will be her first action once she's president.

“My first action as a president would be to erase several comments on Twitter,” Orayen responded.

Did she enjoy the media response from people watching the debate?

"At the beginning, I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a pleasant surprise," she said. "At the beginning all the comments you receive are negative so it was very stressful because it wasn't something premeditated or something I was waiting for."

The Federal Electoral Institute responsible for organizing the debate, issued an apology to the candidates who participated in the debate and Mexican citizens. The institute blamed Orayen's wardrobe and the furor it created on a production associate hired to help with the debate.


Julia Orayen