05/09/2012 02:13 am ET

'Last Man Standing' Finale: Mike Brings Home A Tank, Vanessa Brings Home Her Sister (VIDEO)

After a successful first season, Tim Allen's latest sitcom "Last Man Standing" (Tue., 8 p.m. ET on ABC) didn't feel the need to rock the boat too much in this season finale. That's not to say that there weren't some pages that could be felt in the upcoming season.

While it's not clear what kind of story potential long-term there could be in Mike's impulsive purchase of a tank this week, it served as a parallel to Vanessa's weakness for constantly loaning her sister, April, money -- loaning which usually equates more to giving with no hope of ever seeing again.

After convincing her that it was better for her sister to push her to stand on her own two feet, Vanessa stands firm and gets back all the money her sister has borrowed. There's just one little catch. She also let her move in.

The other change came with virtually no drama at all when Kyle and Kristin realized that they were drifting apart as a couple and broke up. Of course, Mike kept open the invitation for Kyle to come over as part of the family, so there's the potential for future awkwardness.

No official word yet has come about a second season for the network, but experts expect ABC will renew it when they announce their fall 2012 schedule next week.