05/10/2012 08:03 am ET

Bobby Petrino Motorcycle Auction: Ex-Arkansas Coach Selling Infamous Bike From Crash

By Aaron Torres, The Crystal Ball Run

Want a piece of modern college football history? Well, it can be yours, if the price is right!

What piece of history might we be talking about?

Could we possibly being talk about a few blades of grass from the epic 2010 Iron Bowl? Nope. A couple chards of the broken crystal ball Alabama won last January in New Orleans that was smashed to smithereens a few weeks ago? Not a chance. A weekend retreat with Les Miles? Well, that’s not really historic, but no, that’s not your option anyway. Unfortunately.

Nope, the piece of history we’re talking about is this: For the low, low price of just $3,050, you can purchase the busted up motorcycle Bobby Petrino was riding on April 2. Yup, that’s right. That’d be the motorcycle that had Jessica Dorrell on as a back-side companion. The same one that was crashed into a ditch with both Dorrell and Petrino aboard. And the same one that led to Petrino’s ultimate dismissal at Arkansas just a few weeks later.

To which I’ve got only one question: Where do I sign up?

Well, apparently the place is on the website, where the bike is currently listed for $16,000, and where as we mentioned, the bidding is currently at $3,050. Of course, what the seller also mentions is that the bike may need upwards of $18,000 worth of repairs. Meaning that unless you either hogs, or you love the Hogs it might be a bit of a pricey investment.

Then again, this bike also symbolizes so much more.

This bike is the Watergate tapes of modern college football, the instrument that led to the downfall of one the greatest coaches of his generation. While the bike wasn’t directly to blame for Petrino’s fall (especially, you know, since Petrino hired Dorrell and gave her $20,000 and all), it’s more symbolic than anything else. After all, is there one better way to represent the last few weeks of Petrino’s time in Fayetteville than a once beautiful piece of machinery, turned into a crumpled ball of broken metal?

The answer is no, meaning you better act quickly.

Bidding ends May 30.

Ironically, that’s also right around the time Petrino’s unemployment benefits are set to start kicking in.

Act now, before it’s too late!