05/10/2012 05:37 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2012

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' Finale Cliffhangers: One Shot, One Quit, Two Kidnapped (VIDEO)

It's a good thing "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on CBS) has already been renewed for a thirteenth season, because this season finale left several characters in precarious situations. After a routine murder case quickly reveals yet another scandal in the Las Vegas police department, things go bad for the team in a hurry.

The audience was treated to Russell's home wife, and Peri Gilpin as his wife. There, he tried to spend what little free time he had from the case bonding with his granddaughter. But it was all to set fans up for a brutal closing scene as Russell's daughter and granddaughter were kidnapped. It was "KARMA," according to a note left at the scene.

Actually, it likely had something to do with baddie McKeen, who was taken down way back in 2008 during the last corruption scandal. His return lead to Stokes realizing that maybe the job had finally gotten to him and it was time to quit. So he declared he was done, but it seems unlikely that will stick once this case blows up around them.

The final blow came in the form of a shot as Morgan's father, Undersheriff Ecklie, was shot as the two were walking after a double date. For a show often saddled with the procedural moniker, this season has proven to have surprising depth, and the finale gut-wrenching in its closing moments.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" will return in the fall on CBS.