05/10/2012 10:07 am ET

'80s Movie Couples That Wouldn't Work In Real Life

There's a scene in my all-time favorite '80s movie, Parenthood, where Dianne Weist's character Helen helps get her teenage daughter (played by Martha Plimpton) and her husband (played by Keanu Reeves) back together. Helen's son (played by Joaquin Phoenix - man, what a star studded cast!) is in awe that his mom’s tactics have worked. She brushes it off, sighs and says, "I give them six months. Three, if she cooks." That, right there, is how I feel looking back at some of my most beloved '80s movies. I'm pretty sure that growing up watching these flicks ad naseum put ideas into my head about what is actually possible in love: the frizzy-haired Jewish girl gets the hunky dance instructor, or the awkward red head (and birthday girl) landing the unattainable Senior. And while I’d still like to believe that love can be found between even the most unlikely of people, now that I have some life and dating experience under my belt, I know well enough it doesn’t mean it will last. And so I present to you: '80s movie couples that likely didn’t make it past the end credits.

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