05/11/2012 02:00 pm ET

Party Girls To Momtrepreneurs: Celeb Moms Cash In On Motherhood

Any parent will tell you that having children can be very expensive, but for Hollywood moms adding to their family can be extremely lucrative.

For many female celebrities, having a baby can often bring more attention and money than releasing a new album or blockbuster movie. From the moment a celebrity becomes pregnant, there is an opportunity to increase their brand and their profits. Everything from the official announcement, to the first photos, to product lines, to the way they shed the baby weight is just another way to rake in the, sometimes, millions of dollars.

But the celebrity baby bump and eventual offspring wasn't always so fetishized or profitable. According to The New York Times, it wasn't until Bonnie Fuller took over at Us Weekly in 2002 and redesigned the magazine with a focus on how celebrities are just like the rest of us, revealing mundane events like grocery shopping, to obsessively detailing every inch of a growing baby bump.

And as The Times also notes, having a baby is also a way for some celebs to revive their dwindling careers, with parenthood now "a viable Plan B."

They say motherhood changes you and that couldn't be more true for former party girls Nicole Richie and Kendra Wilkinson, who were able to revitalize their careers going from wild child to having a child.

Check how these former Hollywood party girls managed to become momtrepreneurs:

Party Girls Turned Momtrepreneurs