05/10/2012 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Post Street Standoff: Murder Suspect Killed After Firing At Police, Setting Apartment On Fire (VIDEO)

UPDATE: At a press conference on Thursday, police announced that the suspect who was killed in the standoff was 41-year-old Dennis Hughes. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Hughes was suspected of beating his mother to death after she kicked him out of her home where he lived.

A man who was suspected of murder was shot and killed by police on Wednesday night after barricading himself inside of an apartment building, firing shots at police officers and setting the apartment on fire, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

According to the KTVU, officers visited the man (whose name has not been released) at his girlfriend's apartment at the 800 block of Post Street to question him about a homicide in Rohnert Park. When officers arrived, the man opened fire, shooting through the walls, windows and floorboards. Police then evacuated the building and closed the block to traffic.


The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the man continued shooting at officers, firing at least two dozen rounds, and then began setting fires inside of the apartment that the fire department had to extinguish.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told the Chronicle that at that point, they decided they needed to "eliminate the threat" to ensure public safety. According to KTVU, one officer fired one round, striking the man in the head and killing him.

"That opportunity presented itself," Suhr told the Chronicle. "The suspect was neutralized and is dead."

The man was suspected of killing Dianne Hughes, a 66-year-old woman at her Rohnert Park home. According to Patch, Hughes was found dead in her living room from blunt force trauma on Tuesday afternoon. During a CBS interview with the SFPD, a reporter asked about rumors that the suspect may have been Hughes's son, but the officer could not confirm.

Fore more information from the scene, watch CBS's video below: