05/10/2012 10:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

REPLY ALL: Wedding Expert and Party Planner David Tutera

Marlo Thomas checks in with the globe-trotting, party-planning author and wedding expert to the stars.

If you could write a personal slogan that you live by, what would it be?
"Life is a gift." I first heard this years ago on the show Judging Amy, and it stuck. No matter what is happening in your day, it's a wonderful phrase to remember.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I'd be 6'2". Standing on my toes for photos gets annoying!

What is your secret dream?
(See above.)

What is your greatest fear?
Being alone. I surround myself with incredible family and friends, and I can't imagine not having them around.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Well, my partner, Ryan, is quick to point out when I start repeating myself, so any overuse is short-lived. However, I have been known to say "Off the charts" one too many times.

Who is your personal hero?
My mom. She continues to amaze me with her strength and spirit.

What is always at your bedside? In your purse?
Sadly, the man-purse is a part of my life! And the worst part: reading glasses are now an essential.

What do you collect?
Watches -- but I am always late!

What is your obsession?
I think I invented the term OCD, but I'm impatient, so my obsession changes daily. The only consistent obsession is my quad-venti cappuccinos from Starbucks.

Who or what always makes you laugh?
Ryan. He's is always telling jokes and sees the positive in everything. No one can bring a bigger smile to my face.

What do you find sexy? What turns you on?
(See above.)

Which of the seven deadly sins is your favorite?
I don't think any of them. (Confession: I had to Google it to find out what they were.)

What is always in your refrigerator?

When you're watching TV, what makes you want to throw the remote at the screen?
Usually the remote -- I'm electronically challenged!

What brings you peace?
Time off at my country house, doing nothing except walking, gardening and feeding my koi fish.

Which song or songs would make the perfect soundtrack for your life?
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow," by [Hawaiian musician] Israel Kamakawiso'ole. It makes me smile every time

Who's your favorite bad guy?
Everyone in True Blood -- I'm obsessed!

What's the most useless piece of advice you've ever received?
My grandfather told me years ago, "In business, never say no. Say yes, and then figure out how to make it happen." I have followed that through my career and I'm exhausted!

If you were a stripper, what would you choose for your stage name?
Marlo Thomas :)

What do you remember most about your first kiss?

I plead the Fifth.

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