05/10/2012 04:55 pm ET

Teen Gets Stuck In Chimney While Trying To Get Into Texas Home (VIDEO)

Playing Santa isn't always the best idea.

Just ask one Texas teen who attempted to wriggle her way down her chimney and ended up getting very stuck.

Police were called to the 16-year-old's residence near Corpus Christi on May 9 after neighbors said they heard someone screaming, KRIS-TV reports.

According to the station, the girl tried to slide down the chimney after locking herself out of the house. Unfortunately, her decision resulted in nearly three hours of discomfort and a lot of unwanted attention.

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Perhaps surprisingly, the teen is in fairly good company when it comes to roaming on rooftops.

In December, Jorge Herrera was pulled from the chimney of his California home after officials say he was trying to sneak in after curfew, FOX 40 reports.

And he almost made it: Firefighters found his legs dangling just a few feet above the ground.

One Georgia teen, however, shimmied his way to jail after police pulled him from a chimney.

Ranaldo Jack, 17, had been stuck for about 10 hours after allegedly trying to break into a house near Atlanta, according to WSB-TV.