05/13/2012 10:18 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2012

Classic Vs. Creative: Peach Cobbler (RECIPES)

We know you'll always love your mama, but at the brunch or dinner table this Mother's Day, there's bound to be something just as sweet vying for your affects.

For us, it's the stone fruit peach, which starts to hit its peak this time of year.

Though two varieties exist -- freestone, with its stone or pit falls that falls easily away from the flesh, and clingstone, characterized by fruit that adheres stubbornly to the stone -- the former is the one you're most likely to find on the produce stand.

Look for fruit with a fragrant aroma and flesh that yields a bit when pressed. Avoid peaches that are tinged with green, which usually means they're underripe (though you can speed up ripening yourself), and ones that have cuts or tan spots on them. Rock-hard and mushy fruit is also best left at the store.

In the kitchen, peaches lend their fuzzy, juicy selves to a variety of dishes, from sweet sorbets to savory salsas to the biscuit-covered goodness called cobbler that no legitimate soul food menu can live without.

While cobbler typically rivals pie as the classic All-American dessert, we've pit two variations (and two judges from the TV One series "My Momma Throws Down") against each other for the crown. One, fresh peaches tossed in spices and baked beneath a simple pastry dough (the modern classic); the other, cobbler topped off with a sweet-tart raspberry sauce (creative genius).

Classic or creative? Which recipe gets your vote?