05/11/2012 02:26 am ET

'Community': John Hodman Convinces The Study Group Greendale Doesn't Exist (VIDEO)

Celebrating a 13-episode fourth season renewal, fans of "Community" (Thu., 8 p.m. ET on NBC) tuned in to the latest episode where they were left to question whether or not everything they had witnessed to date on the show was real or not. But they weren't the only ones confused.

John Hodgman guest-starred as a psychiatrist brought in to analyze Abed after his latest trip to Greendale. The study group was expelled last episode -- two months ago in show time -- and Abed was struggling with the transition worse than the others.

They all came in for the therapy session, where Hodgman's character convinced them that none of it was real. There was no Greendale Community College. In fact, they were all institutionalized. There was even a cutaway to this supposed reality, with the study group referencing various episodes throughout the series' run.

While it would have made for a fun cliffhanger, the truth did come out. Hodgman was hired by Chang to fool the gang and keep them away from the school and his fake Dean. Looks like a face-off is coming before the season -- not series! YAY! -- is over.

"Community" wraps its season next week with three different episodes, airing one at 8 p.m. ET and the last two back-to-back starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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