05/11/2012 02:42 pm ET Updated Oct 02, 2012

Erin Heatherton, Victoria's Secret Angel, On Her Summer Workout Routine, Beauty Tips And What's Sexy (PHOTOS)

If anyone knows how to define the word "sexy," it is the Victoria's Secret Angels. To celebrate the annual "What Is Sexy" video list, in which the angels choose which celebrities have the "Sexiest Legs" (Stacy Kiebler), "Sexiest Sense Of Humor" (Emma Stone, of course) and more, we caught up with Victoria's Secret angel Erin Heatherton about her summer workout routine, beauty tips and, of course, what she thinks is sexy.

When do you feel the most sexy?
When I am fresh off the beach - when my hair is naturally wavy and I have a sun-kissed glow!

What do you think is the sexiest summer look?
A fun sundress. I love floral prints in the summer!

How do you adjust your workout routine during the summer?
I love to run on the beach. Summer is a great chance to get outdoors.

Where is your favorite beach?
St. Bart's. I love being on the beach, and most of all I love swimming in the ocean.

What did you do over the summer growing up?
We went to the local beaches in Chicago, and I always got the bubble teas to drink!

What's your idea of sexy?
Being confident is sexy and comfortable in your own body! When you're comfortable it exudes confidence.

A Victoria's Secret shoot looks sexy, do you feel that way on set?
I do. If anyone knows sexy, its Victoria's Secret. I always feel empowered and sexy on set!

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