05/11/2012 12:52 pm ET

Gabriel Moreno Illustrations Blend Humans Into Animals (PHOTOS)

Madrid-based artist Gabriel Moreno blends illustration and printmaking into incredibly intricate, organic images. His pieces are ethereal constructions of (mostly) women, their hair melding into an animal or their body turning into a blanket of rainbows.

"It's the thing that I most love," he writes in an email. "I look for a good way to transmit my emotions and feelings when I see things that I love. The passion, movements, sensuality in the lines… They are elements to evoke, in the best form, the magic in a woman's body."

Moreno uses a combination of etching and illustrations to create his works. He uses metal pencils in zinc or copper surfaces to etch the image. Then, he applies ink and stamps the image onto paper. For others, he predominately uses Pilot pens to draw line after line, layer after layer to make a full image.

"I might start from a very simple premise -- say, a gesture, the shape of a mouth, a chance encounter on the street or the movement of my wife crossing her legs," Moreno says in an interview with Ink & Pen magazine. "But then my lines start to tangle, intersect and mix, giving rise to a new figure, then another one… a man, a woman, a bird, a bird-man."

Go to Gabriel Moreno's website and Facebook page to view more of his work.

Check out Gabriel Moreno's illustrations: