05/11/2012 12:17 pm ET Updated Jul 11, 2012

Geraldo Rivera: I Was 'Manually Raped' By TSA Agent (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera raised some eyebrows on Friday when he said that a TSA agent "manually raped" him at an airport.

Appearing on "Fox and Friends," Rivera revealed that he had been on the so-called "no fly list" for a long time, until "kicking and screaming" had gotten him removed from the list. Then he segued rather randomly to a story about the last time he traveled to Afghanistan.

"I got manually raped by a guy," he said. "This guy, it seemed to me, was getting off on it."

"Oh my gosh!" co-host Gretchen Carlson interjected.

"And the tighter I got and the angrier I got, he just wanted to be a little more intimate, and go up here and go down there," Rivera said. "...My junk was junked!"

"I never thought we'd be going here with this today, Geraldo," Carlson said.

(H/T Politico)



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