05/11/2012 10:46 am ET Updated May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Spending To Increase 8 Percent

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, and we are likely to spend more than ever on the women that created us.

In fact, consumers are expected to spend an average of $152.52 on gifts for Mother's Day: up 8 percent from last year, according to a survey by the National Retail Federation. In total, we're expected to spend a total $18.6 billion on Mother's Day presents, according to the NRF. (H/t USA Today.)

Why the increase? It's partly because these days, we don't only spend on our mothers, but also on other relatives and friends that have kids, according to the NRF.

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Here are a bunch of interesting factoids about Mother's Day Spending:

  • Men are expected to shell out 62 percent more than women on Mother's Day, spending an average of $189.74, according to the NRF. That is largely because 22 percent of consumers are buying gifts for their wives.
  • Two-thirds of us plan to buy flowers for mom, one-third will buy clothing, 13 percent will buy electronics, and 54 percent will treat mom to a nice meal, according to the NRF.
  • Many of us are not planning on being all that lavish. Of consumers, 62 percent plan to spend less than $100 on gifts, according to a recent survey by PriceGrabber. About one in five of us plan to spend between $100 and $249 on presents, and 8 percent plan to spend more than $250, according to the survey.
  • Eighteen percent of consumers plan to wait until the last minute to buy a gift, according to the PriceGrabber survey. So if you still need to buy a present, you may want to do it now before the crowds come.
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    There also are some stores offering free Mother's Day food, including TCBY and IKEA stores, according to Time.