05/13/2012 03:39 pm ET Updated May 14, 2012

Animal Photos Of The Week

If you missed last week's animal photos, be sure to check out these images of endangered tigers. Animal Photos of the Week is back with images of wild, cuddly and majestic animals taken in the past two weeks.

As you're thinking about your mom on this Mother's Day, click here to read about animals' parenting styles and learn whether a ruffed lemur or a harp seal makes a better mama.

In animal news, OR-7, the lone wolf that has roamed for hundreds of miles through Oregon and Northern California, was spotted in California this week. Possibly looking for a mate, OR-7 is the first and only gray wolf in California in over 80 years, reported the Associated Press.

The results of a recent U.S. Navy study show that naval sonar and explosives use near California and Hawaii may be harming more marine life than previously thought. Zak Smith, staff attorney at the Natural Resources Defense Council, said the Navy was taking "positive steps" with a better understanding of the impact of sonar and explosives, according to AP.

Another recent animal study found that groups of wild chimpanzees appear to show cultural differences like humans. Studying 45 chimps from three groups, researchers noticed differences in their nut-cracking techniques. Researcher Christophe Boesch of the Max Planck Institute said in a statement, "In many ways, chimpanzees are very similar to us humans. By studying the similarities to our closest living relatives in their natural habitat in Africa, we have the unique opportunity to learn more about the evolutionary roots of culture, which is for us humans one of the key elements of our identity."

Below, check out some of the best animal photos from the past two weeks, including a few animal mothers and their offspring.

Animal Photos Of The Week 5/13/12