05/15/2012 08:44 am ET

Ron Burgundy: 'Anchorman 2' Teaser Will Debut In Front Of 'The Dictator'

He's Ron Burgundy in 140 characters or less.

According to the official Twitter account of the mustachioed newsman, "Anchorman 2" will debut its first teaser trailer in front of "The Dictator" starting on Wednesday. Both films are produced and financed by Paramount.

Exciting news for sure, but not totally unexpected. Last week, "Anchorman 2" director Adam McKay tweeted that, in addition to the trailer for "The Campaign," fans could expect "another treat" before "The Dictator."

Paramount had long declined to make a sequel to 2004's "Anchorman," but the studio relented earlier this year to the delight of everyone.

"[T]heir numbers machine purely looked at the box office," McKay told THR.com last month when asked about the long delay. "It didn’t project off of DVD sales and TV and cultural influence. It stopped at the box office."

"Anchorman" earned $90 million worldwide upon its release, but because of the salary commitments required for Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell, not to mention McKay himself, it was difficult for everyone to agree to a number. (The final budget will reportedly be around $50 million.)

Still, it's a happy ending for all involved and no bear fighting was even required. Today we spell redemption "R-O-N."

Since "Anchorman 2" doesn't even have a script yet, expect the teaser to be as brief as possible.

[via TheWrap]

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