05/15/2012 03:57 am ET

'Two And A Half Men' Finale: Jake Graduates High School And Joins The Army (VIDEO)

With its renewal confirmed, fans of "Two and a Half Men" (Mon., 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS) went into this season finale knowing that the adventures of Alan, Jake, Berta and Walden would continue on. Nevertheless, there was a major milestone to get through.

While it may stretch credulity to believe that both Jake and Eldridge managed to graduate in a normal span of time, they did. They still spent much of their time smoking pot and snacking, but now they had to figure out what to do with their futures.

Alan convinced Walden's business partner Billy (Patton Oswalt) to give the boys a chance at their new technology start-up, but the pair inevitably screwed that up. After downloading thousands of hours of pornography onto the serves, they infected the system with a virus.

Struggling to figure out where to find a job, they were overheard by an army recruiter and convinced to sign up. Despite Alan's best efforts to change it, Jake is 18 and his own man. And so he had an emotional farewell, complete with flashbacks to him growing up on the series, before he left to be all he could be.

We'll surely see him again as "Two and a Half Men" has been renewed for the Fall 2012 season by CBS.

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