05/16/2012 03:20 pm ET

Skrillex Reviewed By Kids: Watch Children React To Dubstep Track 'Bangarang' (VIDEO)

Today in cute dubstep videos: Vice had children listen to "Bangarang," a track of Skrillex's latest EP that bears the same name. Their reactions are, of course, charming.

"This music makes me feel crazy, like I've eaten loads of sweets," one boy notes. "This song makes me want to smack my sister's fat bum," adds a young girl.

Intercut with the listening-room reactions are scenes of kids dancing and boys and girls sharing their general thoughts on nightlife. One boy, presumably asked what adults do in nightclubs, offered this nugget: "They drink lots of drinks to keep them awake."

What's less cute, however, is having kids reenact a rave and pass out pills (which represent MDMA, or ecstasy). As for Skrillex himself, the young dubstep producer was described thusly: "His hair looks like a girl and his face looks like a boy, and that's really funny."