05/17/2012 02:24 pm ET Updated May 17, 2012

Jaguar Cubs Arrive At San Diego Zoo (VIDEO)

There's perhaps nothing more adorable than a jaguar cub. Except of course, two jaguar cubs.

According to ITN, a pair of jaguar cubs were born at the San Diego Zoo on April 26. The cubs, which weigh about 5 pounds each, have yet to be named.

"We are very excited about this, we're ecstatic. We haven't had babies here in 30 years," Senior Keeper Nicole Johnston told ITN.

The pair will make their public debut in the next few months.

Full grown jaguars can range from 70 to 250 pounds, notes IBTimes, making them the largest cats in the Western Hemisphere.

The Jaguar is listed on the IUCN Red List as a "near threatened" species due to "loss of habitat, poaching of prey and fragmentation of populations."

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