05/17/2012 09:06 am ET Updated May 17, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell Rips Greg Gutfeld For Mocking Mario Batali (VIDEO)

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Lawrence O'Donnell had some rather harsh words for Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday, after the Fox News host criticized celebrity chef Mario Batali for attempting to live off food stamps for a week.

Batali, who supports a number of food-related charitable causes, decided to challenge his family to living off food stamps for a week. He was quoted recently by the Associated Press as saying that he was "(expletive deleted) starving," eating rice and beans daily, and serving his children more peanut butter and jelly than ever. O'Donnell said Batali is leading a group of people who challenged themselves to feed their families off food stamp budgets for a week.

On Fox News' "Red Eye," Gutfeld said that Batali was eating off a food stamp budget as a way to protest potential budget cuts to the program. "Does this make you want to slap him around?" Gutfeld asked a member of his panel.

O'Donnell defended Batali from Gutfeld's criticism, praising the celebrity chef for taking a moment to "to help raise our awareness." He then outlined what seemed like Batali's entire resume and list of charitable causes.

"Gutfeld thinks he's being funny," O'Donnell said just before pointing out how he found Gutfeld's comments to be far from comical. O'Donnell wondered why Gutfeld would respond to Batali's food stamp challenge with criticism. "Why do Mario Batali's kindness, generosity, and concern for the poor...why do they make these people so uncomfortable?" O'Donnell asked.