05/18/2012 07:36 pm ET Updated May 19, 2012

Obama Raises $25.7 Million, 43% From Small Donors

WASHINGTON -- The reelection campaign of President Barack Obama reported raising $25.7 million in April, down from $35 million raised in March.

While the campaign raised fewer dollars last month than the previous one, its support from small donors remained high with 43.7 percent, or $11.23 million, coming from donors giving less than $200 in total.

Big donors were still a source of support with donors giving $2,500 and above contributing $3.69 million in April.

The employment categories that typically dominate presidential campaign finance filings continued to show big contributions. The leading donor group in April was Retired with $2,595,175. Self-Employed was a close second contributing $2,313,319 and the Not Employed category came in third with $1,682,106 in contributions.

Among individuals who listed an actual employer, tech companies and law firms dominated. The top tech firms in terms of employee giving were Microsoft ($51,747), Google ($28,061), and IBM ($13,768). Law firm donors included Bass Berry & Sims ($22,100), Blank Rome ($12,315), and WilmerHale ($13,359).

A few finance company employees gave their share to the Obama campaign: Goldman Sachs employees gave $14,150 while JPMorgan Chase employees combined to give $10,593.