05/18/2012 10:58 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Shorts Don't Have To Be Scary: 5 Tips On Finding The Right Pair For Your Body (PHOTOS)

My three-year-old son refuses to wear shorts. On one hand, I find it hilarious that a young kid can have such strong opinions about what he wears, but on the other hand, it's rather annoying, especially now that it's getting hot.

In talking to friends and colleagues, I gather that he's not alone in his aversion. Whether it's just too difficult to incorporate them into your work wardrobe, or you feel they just don't suit your figure, we are here to change your mind.

If you love a knee-length skirt, then there's no reason not to love shorts. They can be the same length (Hello, Bermudas!), and they certainly are more comfortable. If you are planning a night out, why not opt for a short, brightly colored pair, topped off with a classic Oxford and wedge heels? Add a tank top and flat sandals and those same shorts are now brunch-appropriate.

Celebrities from Michelle Obama to Emma Watson have shown up in the summertime staple; now it's time for you to try the trend.

Here, tips on the best shorts for every shape, and 32 celebrities who show us how it's done.

Shop Your Shape: Shorts

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