Jon Stewart's Republican Primary Highlights On 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

The Republican party finally has a clear candidate for President in former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, but not that long ago it seemed the primary race would never end.

Over the many months, Jon Stewart made sure we didn't miss a single gaffe, "oops," or outlandish remark with his analysis on "The Daily Show," and we still have half a year of general election campaigning to get through. But before Stewart digs into the rich comedic field which is Romney vs. Obama, you can catch up with all the best moments from the GOP primary race in just four minutes.

While Jon and the "Best F#@king News Team" were off this week, the show put together all the biggest highlights, including Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus, the best of the early dropouts (T-Paw, anyone? ) and all the funniest things Rick Perry and Herman Cain couldn't remember to say.

Watch the video above.